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Incredible, Intense, Inspiring...

are some of the words I would use to describe the ArtFields experience! ArtFields is like a city-wide arts festival! If you are not familiar, remedy that!

This was my 2nd time showing work (‘I'm Back’, Pen & Ink, 14 x 14, 145 North Church St) and first year in the portrait contest.

That portrait contest: 11/10, would recommend. It consists of three rounds, 60 minutes each spent drawing a live model from a local not-for-profit organization. This is where the word 'intense' applies. Approximately 6 artists are cut after each round and the top three earn a monetary prize.

Ultimately, no 'prize' but I did make the final round and the experience is the best takeaway I could have for now.

Three portraits I completed above.

The winners! Left to right: Paul Walters, Emma Hartman, Chris Bilton

And then some other scenes from the event below.

Peep me in the FARRR left with the navy blue shirt....

At this point, ArtField's 2022 had come to a close.

Here's to looking ahead to next year!

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