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ArtFields 2022, Here I Come!

When: April 22-30, 2022

Where: Lake City, South Carolina

Can I get more info?

Found out last month I was accepted into ArtFields 2022! What a great holiday present!

Since, I have been working on doing it 'better' this year. Last year, was my first time for the experience: being accepted, visiting, take it all in. This year I'm PARTICIPATING, because it's a whole thing. There's contests I hope to apply for (more info coming soon), live music performances and there's an energy that can't be matched.

If you haven't been, I recommend you take a day and go; even if you don't consider yourself an 'artsy' person. The whole downtown of quaint Lake City, goes all in and there's fun for everyone... art, kids art, food, music, and drinks!

Good summary of it from their website:

" Our flagship event, ArtFields, turns the town into a gallery as local businesses display hundreds of artworks and artists compete for $100,000 in prizes."

I'm not sure where my piece (pictured) will be shown but will update when venue info comes out. Stay tuned!

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