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Interested in commissioning a portrait?



If you are interested in having a picture commissioned, I’m happy to do it!

Below, I answer some FAQ’s.

1. What are your prices?

Pricing is dependent on the size of picture. 

Portrait Sizes

11x14- $100- $130

14x17- $170- $200

Your portrait can be cropped to any size you’d like and price will be adjusted from there on a case by case basis.

2.) What mediums do you work in?

Mainly pencil, but I’m willing to venture out and try something new! Just ask!

The black and white portraits are graphite and charcoal, while the color ones are colored pencil.

If you would like a combination of the two (example: “I want just a pop of color in his eyes”) I’m happy to do that as well.

3.) “I like Lulu’s face in this picture, but Mikey’s face in this one and they never take a good photograph together! Is there anything you can do?”

Yep! I can combine multiple photographs in one picture (up to three.) Sort of like ‘manual photoshop.’

4.) Do I need to give you my photograph?

No, especially if it is a keepsake. I usually work from my phone, so feel free to email or text me the picture or a picture of the photograph. 

If you are unsure or doubting your photographic skills, then I will be happy to snap a quick picture and give the photo right back to you.

5.) Does the quality of the photograph matter?

Yes! There are certain things I can do to help get detail or precision from an older or fuzzy photograph but the portrait will always turn out better if you have a crisp, clear photo.

5.) Do I need to pay you up front?

No, I actually like to wait until I give you the portrait. This way, we can both be sure you like the product or make any adjustments.

6.) How long does it take?

This really depends on the size and involvement of your picture as well as how many portraits there are before yours. I do the portraits in the order I receive them. Usually, when you send me the picture I will give you a ballpark answer of how long it will be until you have the portrait in your hands. 

7.) Do you do prints and framing?

Prints, yes.

Framing, not yet, sorry! Something I’m learning but not there yet. 

If you order or pick up the frame you like, I will put it in, with paper backing, hanging wire and wall bumpers for a small fee ($15-$25)

8.) Lastly, do I need to do anything to care for my portrait?

Nope! At the very end, I spray each one with a fixative so charcoal or graphite won’t smear or colored pencil won’t get the waxy buildup. Each should stay for a long, long, long, long, long time.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me!

I have many examples of my work on the gallery page. Please take a look and hopefully you’ll see something you like!

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